12 Reasons to Invest in Professional Logo Design
  • By Jordan Thornhill


A logo is the main part of your branding, the first thing a potential customer notices about your business.

Sending the right message about your company when a new prospect is introduced to your business is important, so why try and do it yourself?

Here are some reasons why investing in a professional logo designer is worth every penny:

  • 1

    Make a Great First Impression

    If your logo is the first thing that customers see, it needs to capture their interest immediately. A professional, expertly designed logo does this, as it shows who you are and what your company is all about. Whether it reflects your colours or captures elements of the areas you work in, a great logo can make an excellent impression on customers.

  • 2

    Build a Brand

    Whether it’s the golden arches of McDonald’s, the colourful lettering of Google, or the four cubes of Microsoft, a logo is the gateway of your brand. When you launch a company, creating a recognisable, trustworthy brand is vital. Having a high-quality logo helps you to do this, as you can use the same design throughout everything you do, including your website, social media, and publications, as well as your work vehicles and more.

  • 3

    Give Customers Something Recognisable

    No matter your favourite brands, from Apple to Coca-Cola, everyone recognises a company from their logo. You can achieve the same level of recognition with a professional logo design that’s based on your requirements. Great logos reflect the work of a company and show off what makes them unique, and this is what quality designers can do for you.

  • 4

    Stand out from the Competition

    When customers are deciding between you and a competitor, it’ll come down to fine margins. Give yourself the best chance of standing out with a high-quality logo that grabs their attention while they’re browsing. A good logo shows that you’re a professional who cares about their company, and customers will recognise this as a sign of quality. Stand out today with a professional design from a team of experts.

  • 5

    Show off Your Personality

    Customers value authenticity and personality when they’re choosing a company, and both of these things can be reflected in your logo. While other companies can offer the same work as you, no one else has your personality. Show this off through your logo and your customers are sure to react. All logos say something to the people that see them and by investing in a professional logo you can ensure that this message is clear.

  • 6

    Create Visual Association

    When customers see the golden arches they know what’s in front of them. Your logo has the power to speak to customers, even when they’re just glancing at your website, social media, or other publications. The logo of McDonald’s works because it reflects happiness and the friendly nature of the staff, and your logo should do the same. If you’re a reliable plumber then your logo can show this with clean lines and simple shapes. Speak to your customers with more than words by investing in logo design.

  • 7

    Help People Remember You

    A bold logo sticks in the mind and this may help you in the long run. Customers will always think back to what they’ve seen when they need work doing, and if you’re already in their minds, you may well be their port of call. Using colours effectively helps to make eye-catching designs.

  • 8

    Have Uniformity across Your Channels

    One of the best things you can do for your online presence is to keep everything uniform. As well as looking professional, it also helps to build trust and continuity across all of your platforms. Customers will know that it’s you pushing out content and can then contact you through lots of channels, boosting the chances of engagement and potential sales.

  • 9

    Give Customers Subliminal Expectation

    Even if they don’t realise it, customers form an expectation of your business from the logo that you have. This opinion is reached before they meet you, learn about your services, or even know who you are, so you need to do your best to make this opinion positive. A quality logo shows authority and professionalism, and these are traits that you want customers to associate you with.

  • 10

    Ensure the Logo Is Unique

    By choosing a professional logo designer, you can be sure that your brand new logo is going to be unique to you. Using your brief and ideas, designers create something amazing that really reflects what your company does. Everything is created from scratch, and this means that no one can complain that you’ve stolen their design or elements of it.

  • 11

    Receive the Format You Need

    As mentioned above, your logo can, and should, be used across all of your online platforms, including your website, social media, and anywhere else you’re active. By commissioning a logo from a professional company, you’re able to receive the logo in the formats you need for these pages. This saves time trying to convert files to fit or having to re-work files that don’t suit your needs.

  • 12

    Highly Trained Designers

    With years of experience and relevant qualifications, logo designers have everything needed to create something amazing. Their role is built around putting together excellent products for customers, and everything they do is completed to the highest quality. You’re sure of excellence with these designers, as they work hard to create exactly what your business needs.

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