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12 Reasons Why The North East Is Going Places
  • By Emma Stainthorpe

    Marketing Executive

Contrary to popular belief the North East is great for more than just two reasons (Middlesbrough FC & the Parmo!) business is booming. With the fastest rate of company growth in the UK outside of London, (10.78%, 2014-2015) North East businesses continue to grow at an accelerated rate. Here’s 12 reasons why you should be proud of living and working in the North East:

  • 1

    Nissan, Sunderland, is the country’s single most productive car manufacturing plant in the UK. 1 in 3 cars produced in the UK is produced at Nissan’s Sunderland Plant.

    (source: NEAA)

  • 2

    Over 200 digital firms, supplying services to market leaders such as Google and Sony, have been created in recent years. Growth has been driven by Digital City, a major Tees Valley partnership initiative, and Teesside University’s digital expertise, putting it in the top 20 places in the world studying animation.

  • 3

    The North East has over 67,000 companies and is home to more than 1,500 software and technology companies.

    (source: NOMIS, North East Businesses)

  • 4

    The North East has one of the lowest attrition rates (labour turnover) in the UK (all sectors) and we have a skilled workforce of over 1.2m people (we are workers!)

  • 5

    Small businesses contribute £26.5billion to the North East economy and employ 359,000 people.

  • 6

    11,000 businesses were created in the North East in 2016 – the fastest growth rate in the UK.

  • 7

    Tech start-ups in Newcastle have increased 50% in 5 years.

  • 8

    Since opening in 1994, the North East Business Innovation Centre has helped more than 3,000 business start-ups and supported the creation of more than 7,500 jobs.

  • 9

    More than £1.28billion of public and private sector investment will target infrastructure and connectivity projects over the next nine years.

  • 10

    The North East had a turnover of £3.4billion in the Energy Sector in 2013 and 70% of oil and gas platforms operating in the North Sea were built in the North East.

  • 11

    The North East has 4 world-class universities and over 100,000 university students per annum (we want to learn!).

  • 12

    Between 1,000 and 2,000 social enterprises operate in the North East. These range from very large enterprises with turnovers of several millions of pounds to micro enterprises with no paid employees (we give back!).

Sources: BQ The Yearbook

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