7 Unique Ways to Integrate Social Media onto Your Site
  • By Danial Kennedy


In modern business, social media is so important to help increase awareness of your brand and products, and to interact with your audience.

Both your social media and website need to work seamlessly for the successful promotion of your brand, integrating your social media into the design of your website is the perfect way to make your presence more visible.

Here are 7 ways to help integrate your social media platforms into your website.

  • 1

    Social Log-Ins

    The ability to log in or register yourself on a site with your social media profiles is becoming more of a common occurrence.

    Social login makes for a more seamless and easier experience for a user on your website, with the shortening the registration process tending to the lead to an upturn in the rate of user registrations.

    Social logins will also help with the analysis of your audience, with statistics allowing you to tend to your website and campaigning depending on the social platform that proves the most popular.

  • 2

    Hashtags and Handles

    The use of hashtags and handles are essential tools on social media to engage in conversation on an individual topic or with an individual user.

    Using them in your website design will offer something unique to your sites look while reiterating to your audience that you're associated with a certain message and more likely to make your brand more memorable.

  • 3

    Notification Tickers

    The number of notifications that you have on your phone or social media is the ultimate allure in modern society, it seems a no-brainer to integrate notification tickers into websites.

    Utilising a ticker on your website is a unique way to draw eyes exactly where you want them, and seems the perfect way to inform people of your latest news and products without the need for intrusive pop-ups. 

  • 4

    Social Videos

    Every business dreams of producing the next viral video, and integrating these social videos onto your website has never been easier.

    Videos help make content on your website more engaging and depending on your line of work, offer the opportunity to showcase a product, how it works, or how to utilise one of your services.

  • 5

    Social Share and Follow Buttons

    As important as it is to push potential customers to your website through your social media accounts, it is equally important to increase your following to help you reach an expanding target market.

    Share and follow buttons are an instantaneous portal to all of your platforms, with the simple widgets allowing customers to share your content, increasing your brand awareness, and your user's overall experience.

  • 6

    Social Buttons on Product Pages

    Social buttons should be dominant throughout your site, but are extremely important on individual product pages.

    Social media is the modern representation of word of mouth, social buttons on individual products of yours allow the opportunity for customers to offer one-click feedback on your items or services and push the conversation about your business.

  • 7

    Quizzes and Chat UI’s

    Excellent customer service and experience is what set the best businesses apart from the rest of the pack, having someone on the other end to answers personalised queries can make all the difference to your consumers.

    Whether it’s live chatting with your customers or offering quizzes that allow them to personalise their queries and specific answers, these are beneficial to help build the reputation of your business and your services.

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