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Compare SSL Certificates to the Competition*

When you compare our Domain Validation (Xpress) SSL Certificates to our competitors, we think you will agree that we have what it takes to protect your website without breaking your budget. UK
Go Daddy®
Product nsProtect™ Secure (Xpress) Standard SSL SSL123 Certificate Quick SSL™ Premium
2 year term £29.99/year £44.99/year £36.03/year £68.50/year
1 year term £39.99/year £59.99/year £41.39/year £79/year
Up to 256 bit encryption
Turns data into virtually impenetrable code that is safe from identity theft.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
2048-Bit Root UK offers and supports 2048-bit SSL Certificates . To get an nsProtect™ Secure 2048-bit SSL Certificate, you need to create and submit a 2048-bit Certificate signing request (CSR) with your order.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Over 99% Browser Recognition
Web browser compatibility ensures your security certificates work with most browsers, including the most popular.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Chat
Customer Service Agents are available to provide support via online chat.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Issuance Time
Time required to establish that all SSL Certificates are sold to legally qualified entities and to then issue them. This can be completed within minutes, based on the SSL certificate type.
Issued in Minutes Within Minutes 1 Business Day, Or less Minutes
Authentication/ Validation
Validates domain ownership/ control & Fast electronic process
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installation Tool or Directions
The SSL Installation Tool Verifies that the SSL Certificate has been installed correctly. There are directions per vendor/server on how to install an SSL Certificate.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
You may need your SSL Certificate re-issued if you have changed your Web server software, moved to a different Web hosting provider, your private key has been lost or compromised and you plan to revoke your Certificate or you have accidentally deleted your private key and cannot re-install it from your backups. UK® will reissue your Certificate free of charge under certain circumstances as defined in our Certification Practice Statement (CPS).
Free/Unlimited Free/Unlimited Free Free/Cert Lifetime
Trusted Signs of Assurance for Site Visitors
SSL Certificates come with site seals for you to display on your website to show that your site is secure. **
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee/ Warrantee for Site Visitors
Most SSL certificates offer a guarantee that provides compensation to site visitors if a security breach occurs. These guarantees give more assurance to visitors.
£10,000 £10,000 £40,000 £40,000
SSL Upgrade Available
Upgrade your SSL Certificate with ease should your business needs change.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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* Price comparisons as of January 20, 2020.
† After completion of verification process and base on system availability
** Seal not available for DV (Xpress) Certs