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SSL Security Solutions

Online security is essential to conducting business online — and it's foremost in the minds of your customers. All of the following SSL Certificates come with 'https' in your Web site address and a closed padlock symbol in your browser window to assist with displaying the confidence both you and your customers should have when transacting on your website.

SSL Certificates

Select the certificate that is right for you


Domain Validation


with 2 year term


Fast Organisation Validation


with 2 year term


Unlimited sub-domains


with 2 year term


More signs of security


with 2 year term

256-bit Encryption

Issuance Time

Minutes †

1 Business Day †

1 Business Day †

4-5 Business Days †



£1 Million

£1 Million

£1 Million

Site Seal


99% Browser Recognition

Domain Validation (DV)

Organisation Validation (OV)


Extended Validation (EV)




Unlimited Sub-Domains




Green Address Browser Bar




Help Choosing SSL

Today, running a successful business online requires that you make Internet security a top priority. Customers need to feel confident that their personal information and credit card numbers are safe from hackers. UK® offers a wide variety of SSL Certificates to meet your online business needs.

Whether you are:

  • Selling online or collecting personal information,
  • Need to have your SSL Certificate issued within a business day or less, or
  • Need to protect multiple sub domains

The right SSL Certificate is available to give both you and your customers peace of mind.

Assurance for You and Your Customer

As a business owner, your credibility and business reputation are extremely important to your success. If a customer has a bad experience on your website they may never visit again and may warn others against visiting your website. This is why a secure website is critical - for everything from simple data collection for newsletter signups to making a purchase. Learn about how data encryption helps keep information on your site secure.

All SSL Certificates have three visual signs of security that assure customers that your website is safe:

  • The closed padlock in the browser
  • The https in the browser address bar
  • An SSL site seal from a respected authority

SSL Certificates also include different levels of guarantees or protection for your customers. Learn more about guarantees per SSL Certificate.

*Seal not available for DV (Essential) Certs

Post-Purchase/Next Steps

When you buy a nsProtect Secure SSL Certificate you are asked to provide specific information, which UK will verify or validate. You will move through the various stages of validation using your UK Account Manager. Email communications will also be used to assist in this process.

Once all validation is complete, your SSL Certificate is issued electronically and is ready for installation on your website. If your site is hosted with UK, much of this installation process is automated for you. If the website is not hosted with UK please contact that provider directly for installation questions. UK will provide all necessary information needed to install an SSL Certificate. If you have a different Web server system click here and select 'Installing SSL Certificate Topics' for more information.

Learn more about the three different validation processes that UK offers.

SSL Certificates for Superior Website Security:

You spend a lot of time developing the perfect website for your clients; make sure you also deliver an outstanding user experience. nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates use the strongest data encryption available to keep customer's sensitive information safe.

Website security is one of the most frequently overlooked elements of having an online presence. Whether the website collects private personal information, login credentials or payment information, nsProtect™ Secure delivers the protection you and your customers need.

In addition to state of the art encryption, our nsProtect™ SSL Certificates provide identity validation and the visual signs of security website visitors expect to see, including the 'https' with a closed padlock in the browser. By providing both data encryption and a validation process of business credentials, nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates give a website the credibility and security it needs to turn site visitors into paying customers.

Protect your customers and your business with nsProtect™ Secure. Get started today.

How Can UK Help Me with Website Security:

Things to consider when evaluating SSL Certificate providers include the data encryption level, Web browser compatibility, and price. At 128 bits, and the ability to support 256-bits, UK® nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates offer the highest available encryption level for website security. In addition, UK SSL Certificates are also compatible with over 99% of all browsers worldwide, and include guarantees. UK will help you determine which SSL Certificate is best for your website security needs, based on the services you're looking for and the volume of online transactions your website handles. UK offers four different SSL Certificates in the nsProtect™ family of website security services. The differences between the nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates are in the amount of the guarantees backing the Certificate, the time for issuance, and the number of domains you can secure.

Because we're one of the most recognized and trusted brands on the Internet, having a UK nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificate on your website will enhance your business' legitimacy and reliability and make customers feel comfortable doing business with you online. Further, if you change hosting providers, UK will replace your SSL Certificate for free. UK also offers a new website security and performance monitoring service that is useful for any website that requires 24/7 availability. nsProtect™ Safe guards your website from hackers and improves its overall performance through daily scanning of your site. When security or performance issues are discovered, we'll alert you immediately. It's further proof of UK's commitment to providing high quality website security to all of its clients.

† After completion of verification process, and based on system availability

Please add only one Certificate per unique website

‡ Prices exclude Value Added Tax.