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The power of imagery for your brand

A key element of any website is of course the layout and design of a website, it can mean the split second decision between connecting with a potential customer or losing them entirely.

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Brand name bidding

When I was living in Amsterdam, I would often frequent a cocktail bar near my house. Lovely little place, amazing cocktails, great atmosphere and amazing staff. The purpose of the bar was that it was meant to portray a Prohibition Bar. So that meant no windows, no visible door to get in, no signs, no brand, no nothing. There was literally no way of finding this place if you didn’t know about it. The novelty of being inside this bar was mesmerising, there was nothing like it. I think on my first visit I asked someone why they didn’t have a sign or shop front and they said, and I quote; “they didn’t want to be found”. I was gobsmacked at this, what kind of business doesn’t want to be found I thought to myself.

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