Are Your Landing Pages Converting?
  • By scottcarney

In today’s world, grabbing the attention of a potential customer is difficult, keeping them engaged and focused while on your website or landing pages is harder, and actually asking people to part with their information is near impossible… unless you convince them it is a good idea to do so. Below we are going to talk about three different ways in which we can increase the conversion rate on your website through your landing pages.

  • 1

    Use benefits not features

    Telling someone about the features of a product is like reading your food’s list of ingredients. Yes, features are important but you need to inspire the visitor, connect with their emotions and tell them why they “need” the product, not just what they can have.

    There is a formula that works well for landing pages, focus on a benefit and then back it up by talking about the features that make it possible. Having the benefits as the main message acts as a great motivator to take action.

  • 2

    Be clear and to the point

    One of the biggest mistakes to make is creating content that is too long or uses words that may sound impressive but don’t do anything to engage your website visitors.

    Make your copy as clear as possible and tell your readers exactly what it is that you are promoting and how it can change their lives. Simple and straight to the point should see your conversions rates go up.

  • 3

    Don’t make your offer too complicated

    Many people will shy away from having to work out mathematically equations. Especially if it is something that they have to work out on the spot. When talking about discounts and prices it’s better to explain exactly what the numbers signify. Don’t just tell them about the offer, explain what it actually means to them.

    For example, show people what they would have paid, the discounted price they will be paying and then the amount they have saved. This allows people to understand the offer better and are more likely to engage with the deal.

Now it’s your turn…

Focusing on the best practices, cutting down on unnecessary words and creating a clear and precise message, you can cut through the clutter and reach your audience with a consistent message.

What you should take away:

● Benefits, benefits, benefits. Show the customers how your product can change their lives.

● Make sure your landing page has a clear and concise message.

● Make the offer you are promoting clear.

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