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The next person in our ‘meet the team’ feature is our Business Intelligence Manager, Dave Fender. Dave has been with for over 19 years, read on to find out what made him stay for so long:

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1. How long have you worked at and what made you dive into the world of Digital and Data?

I have worked at for over 19 years. I started in the year 2000 when we were called AskAlix. I was originally employed as a Data Entry Assistant, and I worked my way up to my current role as Business Intelligence Manager. It wasn’t my original career plan, but I loved the people I worked with and became really passionate about Data Analysis and how it can be used to help individuals and the company achieve their goals, so I stayed.

2. What is your favourite aspect of working at

It is definitely the people, everyone really supports each other, and we are like one big family. I would also say that variety plays a big part too; no two days are the same, and I am continually challenged in my role. I am ambitious to succeed, and has always given me the opportunities and tools I need to further my career.

3. Tell us something random/interesting about yourself? What makes you tick?

It is my family that makes me tick (I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters). I always want to do them proud. I am also an avid runner and have run dozens of Half Marathons, and 6 full Marathons. Raising money for local causes drives me on to continue training and helps me through tough times in a race – as I know I am doing something to help other people at the same time.

4. Favourite film and song?

Please can I have two of each? I would say ‘Slide Away’ by Oasis and ’99 Red Balloons’ by Nena. Films?  – I would say ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’.

5. Name something on your bucket list?

I would absolutely love to run the New York Marathon one day, that would be fantastic.

Dave ran the Great North Run on Sunday achieving a fantastic time of sub 1 hour 30 minutes, you can still sponsor him over on his Just Giving page

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