Getting to know Emma Stainthorpe
  • By Liam Brennan

    Marketing Graphic Designer

The next person in our 'Meet The Team’ feature is our Marketing Executive, Emma Stainthorpe. Emma has been with for over 6 years.

Emma Stainthorpe


1. How long have you worked at and what made you dive into the world of Marketing / Digital?

I have worked in the digital sector for eight years’ and have spent the last six years working at I always enjoyed Business at school and got good grades it in it at college and uni so felt I must be good at it and decided to take a career in it. I feel the digital world is constantly changing and evolving and a it's an exciting sector to work in.

2. What is your favourite aspect of working at

I get the chance to work on projects I want to work on and be creative. At you are listened to, and it’s rewarding to come up with ideas which will really improve the business or our processes. I have been rewarded with some great incentives such a meals out, vouchers, music events and even a trip to Ibiza!

3. Tell us something random/interesting about yourself? What makes you tick?

I attend my local Crossfit and love it! Travelling is my big passion and I love visiting new places. Last Christmas I spent a month backpacking around Thailand and Bali. This week I just returned from Vegas! I have a rule that every day of annual leave has to be spent out of the country. I also love music festivals and attend Glastonbury every year.

4. Favourite film and song?

My favourite film is Blow with Jonny Depp. I also love anything by Tarantino or Guy Richie like Snatch and Lock Stock! My favourite song is hands down ‘Lovebirds - Want You In My Soul’. After that ‘New Order - Blue Monday' followed by ‘Hot Natured & Ali Love – Benediction’. Sorry, I know that’s three!

5. Name something on your bucket list?

To see Niagara Falls.


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