Getting to know Jemma Frater
  • By Liam Brennan

    Marketing Graphic Designer

The next person in our 'Meet The Team’ feature is our Quality, performance and business analyst, Jemma Frater. Jemma has been with for 5 years.

Jemma Frater


1. How long have you worked at and what made you become a Quality, Performance and Business Analyst.

5 Years… I worked my way up from sales to be a Quality, performance and business analyst. After being on the phone for years I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t and I wanted to share this knowledge with others. I love finding problems and helping to fix them, it makes me feel like I make a difference.

2. What is your favourite aspect of working at

The people. Its like a family here. I know everybody says that but it's true.

3. Tell us something random/interesting about yourself? What makes you tick?

I love to travel and I love to eat!

4. Favourite film and song?

300 (1 and 2).

Incubus - Dig.

5. Name something on your bucket list?

To visit Machu Picchu.


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