Getting to know Jordan Thornhill
  • By Liam Brennan

    Marketing Graphic Designer

The next person in our ‘meet the team’ feature is our Copywriter, Jordan Thornhill. Jordan has been with for over 2 years.

Jordan Thornhill


1. How long have you worked at and what made you dive into the world of Copywriting?

I've worked here for more than two years, starting in June 2017.

2. What is your favourite aspect of working at

My favourite thing about working is here is that I can focus on writing the best content for customers. It's always good to get great feedback from a customer that loves their new website or someone that has generated new leads.

3. Tell us something random/interesting about yourself? What makes you tick?

In my spare time, I play guitar and piano in a band called The Apple Tree. I support Hartlepool United and go to every home match. At home, as well as my wife, I've got a ten-month-old son called Asher and a King Charles Spaniel called Molly; they're best friends!

4. Favourite film and song?

My favourite film is Hot Fuzz and my favourite song is Gravity by John Mayer.

5. Name something on your bucket list?

Top of my bucket list is to swim with Great White Sharks somewhere warm like Australia or South Africa!


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