New Social Networks for 2019

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Social media is an ever-changing landscape, though we have staple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are platforms running in the background waiting to become the next big thing. These new platforms are important for marketers to tap into untouched audiences, and utilising the platforms early on will make sure that you’re ahead of competitors when these platforms become popular. In no particular order, here are new social networks that we believe are going to be popular in 2019.

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Priding itself on being “less media, more social”, Vero is a platform that works as an ad-free and algorithm-free network. Though this platform was originally created back in 2015, Vero began to garner attention last year as it jumped right to the top of the app store. Vero covers all media with a focus on original content and organic connections, perfect for marketers as it allows you to search for your audience easily for each post and receive recommendations from those you trust.


Podcasts are becoming an ever increasingly popular medium, apps like Anchor have simplified the process of making and distributing a podcast.  Having relaunched in 2018, the app allows you to easily create, distribute, and monetise your podcast across all major platforms. While making audience integration a simplified process by allowing them to submit questions and suggestions. Success is never guaranteed, but having just been purchased by the streaming giants Spotify, it seems that Anchor is set for big things in 2019. 


Steemit is looking to fill a void in an increasingly competitive market, rewarding users who are consistently influencing audiences either through creating or sharing user’s content. Working similarly to Reddit, users earn ‘digital STEEM tokens’ through posting and voting on the content or can purchase the tokens outright. Though still in its BETA stage, it’s difficult to say how marketers will Steemit for their own benefit, but as a concept, it’s a platform that certainly should be monitored. 


The popularity of video is set to only increase in 2019, especially for networking with the ability to connect people in an instant. Houseparty is set to be the next big platform amongst ‘Generation Z’, allowing for live video chats with contacts in a group of up to 8 people.The platform is already expanding its reach and usability having added the game Heads Up to its repertoire. The platform allows marketers to engage in conversations that are already happening and partner with influencers to gage a better idea of what the young consumers are looking for.


Whether it’s for customer service, driving direct sales, or building 1-to-1 relationships with customers, messaging platforms present many opportunities to grow.Kik is being touted as the next major player in the instant messaging sphere, offering cross-mobile messaging either with individuals or groups. Like other messaging platforms, it’s easy for businesses to create automated bots to manage client interaction and earn redeemable ‘Kin’ to drive further interaction.

Tik Tok

An estimated 80% of global internet traffic is to be attributed to videos, this is why it’s essential to begin implementing video content into your marketing strategy. If it’s a major part of your strategy going forward, Tik Tok is one platform that you should be considering.   Very similar to Vine, Tik Tok began life initially as the app and allow users to create 15-second, short-form videos and eases the process for users to create and share content with special effects, filters, and more. Tik Tok began to rise to prominence last year and with deals already in place with several major brands, it has already begun its journey to develop advertising formats and other motives to generate revenue through original content.


Innovators will always breed imitators, Lasso looks to rival the likes of Tik Tok in appealing to a younger target audience. Launched by Facebook last November, Lasso allows you to create and share videos with various filters and effects. Lasso allows you to follow other users, search hashtags, and discover viral trends. The app is still only available in America, but the backing of Facebook almost ensures that it will be a tool that marketers will need to pay attention to.

Amazon Spark

Platforms like Instagram have made the shopping process easier than ever, Amazon has weighed in on the influencer market with ‘Spark’.Originally launched in 2017, Spark allows Amazon customers to browse feeds of stories and images of products, receiving a personalised content feed and allowing to purchase or interact with a tap. To contribute to Spark, you must be a Prime member and have made a minimum amount of purchases which does lessen your audience scope, but certainly has untapped potential for marketers.

Foursquare Swarm

Many small businesses rely on customers to promote their products to begin gaining notoriety, there are many ways this can be done, including checking-in at locations. Foursquare’s ‘Swarm’ allows you to track and map the places you are going and share with friends, Swarm allows businesses to appear as a check-in option when a user is nearby. Working similar to a Google My Business page, Swarm looks to bring a more social aspect, also allowing businesses to easily view statistics on their listing and evolve their strategy going forward. 

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