Why are directory listings important?
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73% of consumers lose trust in a brand when an online listing is incorrect. Directory listings can be an extremely powerful tool for building your business brand, your company profile and your website search engine optimisation (SEO) if you are a local business.

What are directory listings?

There are 1000’s of websites that list UK businesses. These include local area directories and national directory listings, as well as in-car navigation listings or “sat-nav” listings.

These listings have information on your business, such as, you company name, contact information, your products and services, as well as any social media profiles you may have.

Why are directory listings important?

Directory listings are searched by people trying to find a service or a product that they need, Google also uses the directories as a source of information on your company.

Google has a dedicated number of directories that it trusts to provide correct information on local businesses. Having your business registered on these, gives Google more confidence that your business is a legitimate business. Which in turn will improve your website rankings and also increase your rankings on “Google My Business” or better known as Google Maps.

Your business is likely to have lots of listings on these directories but sometimes they aren’t managed so the information can be displayed in different formats, this can have a negative impact on your search rankings.

Directory listings – incorrect format

You can Google search your business, with your location, and lots of details about your company will be returned. These are the different directories that you are on. The best way to keep you high in the website ranking though, is to ensure you have the same format in each directory entry.

For example, your address might be “21, South Street” but you will find listings like:

21, South Street
21, South St.
South Street
South St.

To us, as humans this can make sense, but to google this is four variations of data, this can be classed as four different locations.

TIP: If you want your Google Maps Listing to rank well – ensure the correct data is on your Google Plus page and use the EXACT same information, in the EXACT same format on all your directory listings. It will give a MASSIVE boost to your Google Map listings.

“16 million searches for local businesses will happen online today in the UK.”

Directory listings – incorrect information

Having incorrect information can have a negative effect on your business. Also if you have moved each new address or telephone number will have created a brand new directory listing. So, to stop this creating a negative effect on your business, you need to start to manage your directory listings, or at have someone manage them for you, like Web.com.

“40% of online business listings will display incorrect information.”

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