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We've been working with glazing design company Peniston Glazing Ltd to improve their digital footprint and find more customers online, with bespoke marketing services covering SEO, Facebook and PPC.

Peniston Glazing Ltd find bespoke and innovative architectural glazing design solutions for all projects.

With strong technical knowledge of materials, they aim to make a truly long-lasting feature of their customers buildings. Peniston Glazing Ltd is more than just a glazing company, it’s the whole process, from design to
installation. They pride themselves on, not only having an innovative design solution to customers glazing needs, but to follow procedures and give a clear understanding of the work they carry out.

The challenge ahead

When glazing design solutions provider, Peniston Glazing Ltd, initially approached us in August 2018 their online marketing was near non-existent and they lagged behind competition in the online market. Their primary goal was to develop a long-term marketing strategy, track results continually drive exceptional ROI. Director, Nicholas Peniston, said: ‘We were wanting to expand our market to cover the North West. The clientele we aim towards are wanting something truly unique, to optimise their house, make a statement, and don’t want just a typical square window into a square hole. However, putting this on an advert is difficult and requires a lot of details and wise advertising to target to the correct people.’


  • mouse

    Use paid advertising to promote the website and generate relevant clicks and phone calls from people actively looking for glazing solutions.

  • google-bing

    Promote their new website and increase the amount of organic traffic coming from Google and Bing.

  • social-media

    Generate interest in their products and services across social media.

  • monitor

    Track results, prove value for money and continually drive exceptional ROI.

SEO Solution

With a fantastic website already in place, one of our main goals was to optimise the site for search engines and increase the amount of organic traffic coming from Google and Bing (Google has 83% market share). Peniston Glazing Ltd decided to go for’s Starter SEO package which focuses on enhancing search results for 5 chosen keywords.

We received the following results:

Functionality included:

  • Before defining a strategy, we fully analysed the site and their key competitor.
  • We fixed any technical issues and began optimising pages for relevant keywords.
  • We then moved on to content marketing, creating new, user-friendly site content and fresh blog articles.
  • A dedicated Account Manager (Andy) was assigned to work closely with the business to ensure we understood their objectives.

SEO Results

glazing company

7 +193


6 +194

bespoke glazing

43 +157

bespoke glazing company

87 +113

This client has been on board with us since September 2018 and the website’s progress on Google has been very good with a steady increase in backlinks, as well as its history and reputation as can be seen here:

referring domains graph

Pay Per Click Solution

With a keen eye on expansion, Peniston Glazing Ltd wanted to reach new customers in a local market in the North West and be present when browsers were searching on the web for services such as ‘window design’, ‘glass roofs’ and ‘aluminium doors’.

Alex, our Pay Per Click Expert, said: “We currently have 4 search campaigns set up for Peniston Glazing Ltd and they have all been consistently achieving good results since they came on-board in September last year”.’s approach to designing the customers AdWords campaign was first to focus on the specific regions Peniston Glazing Ltd services, while discriminatingly avoiding the rest. By leveraging a hyper-focussed keyword strategy, drove the most highly relevant search traffic from just the right areas.

Our strategy included:

  • mouse

    Selecting the correct (intent based) keywords, and thus minimising waste in clicks.

  • pen

    Including the addition of location-based keywords and geo-modifiers.

  • review

    Filtering out ‘tyre kickers’ with a heavy focus on negative keyword selection.

  • construct

    Incremental optimisation of campaign performance using our bid management tools.

Pay Per Click Results

04/10/19 to today’s date of 27/03/19

  • 35 phone calls

  • 2,813 total clicks

  • 362,154 impressions

  • 0.78% click through rate

  • 3.83 average search position

  • average cost per click £1.34

peniston ppc phone image

Custom Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Our team of Social Media Experts (trained directly by Facebook) built the customer a new page and managed this through Facebook Business Manager. We used Facebook Advertising to target thousands of local customers. With the budget we were given, our strategy was based around three main posts; Page Like Ads, Brand Awareness Ads and the Customer Competition, all of which saw fantastic customer engagement.

peniston facebook posts

Facebook Results

Results are from going live on 04/10/19 to today’s date of 27/03/19

  • Huge boost in website traffic with 825 link clicks to the website

  • We increased Page Likes by 965%

  • Campaign received over 50,000 engagements on the page and posts

  • Ran a giveaway competition on behalf of the client, which got 380 Likes, 380 Comments, 55 Shares and 30,000 thousand views

Listings Management

For the final part of the strategy we ensured the business was listed correctly across the major search engines, directories, mobile maps, sat navs, and social discovery platforms, by syndicating Peniston Glazing Ltd’s business information consistently. Having a consistent name, address and, phone number (NAP) across the internet is crucial and a key ranking factor in local search. Our local search service, Listings Management, simplified the process of making the business (and the key reasons why people should buy from Peniston Glazing Ltd) visible in the places most people look - including Google, Bing,, Scoot and Yell.

Looking into the future

Peniston Glazing Ltd has recently added Instagram Advertising to strengthen their social media strategy even further and have doubled their PPC spend.

Customer Testimonial

“ is one of the most efficient, easy to work with, and understanding companies I have ever worked with. They dedicated lots of time to me and always take my calls and address any issues I have there and then. For what I pay, I get great service, and everything is done without any issues. I must just say thank you, for assisting Peniston Glazing Ltd to be in the place it is today! We have seen hugely positive results. Since we came on with, we have been getting the types of clients that we wanted as a company, the interest has growing constantly, and it has helped me focus on my business, rather than monitoring posts, advertising etc. The stock images the guys use, in a combination with my own photos, along with watermarking and wording things perfectly on our Facebook campaign has made many people complement my online status as being professional and efficient. This is precisely what I wanted. Glazing has such a ‘cowboy reputation’ and we at Peniston Glazing Ltd, try and eradicate that, and give people a joyous and professional experience. has helped shape our branding and trustworthiness as a business!”



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