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Compare nsWebsite™ Packages

nsWebsite™ (Small) nsWebsite™ (Large)
Website Builder Tool
Fully customizable templates
Choose from over 150 design templates. You can customize the navigation layout, color scheme, images and more.
Yes Yes
Easy drag & drop editor tool
A simple setup wizard will walk you through the creation process step-by-step. Drag & drop images, videos, website add-ons and much more.
Yes Yes
High quality free image gallery
Over 1,000 high quality free images are available to enhance your website.
Yes Yes
Website add-ons (e.g., maps, calendars, etc.)
Choose a variety of add-ons to make your website interactive and engaging. Insert maps, event calendars, customer polls, blogs and more.
Yes Yes
Website Hosting
Space on the Web to hold all the files which make up your website including images, content and videos.
5 Gb 300 Gb
Capacity needed to allow website visitors to download or upload information to your website each month.
50 Gb 3000 Gb
File Sharing
A secure way to collaborate online, create online workspaces and share documents, photos and files using our SpaceManager tool. File share amount is included in total storage space.
2 Gb 2 Gb
Personalized Domain and Email
Free* custom domain
Choose a domain name that reflects you or your business and establishes your identity online.
1 1
Personalize your email address with your domain name to reinforce your brand and identity. Emailbox storage is 500 Mb.
10 2500
Customer Satisfaction
24/7 Real Person Support
Get the support you need when you need it at no extra cost from our live support team - available 24/7 via phone or email.
Yes Yes

*See Terms and Conditions for free nsWebAddress™.

† with 3-year purchase agreement.