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Expand Your Presence - Register International Domain Names

Country Specific domain extensions help you expand your brand globally

Step 1: Enter up to 10 domain names:

Enter each domain name on one line, or use commas to separate domain names.

Step 2: Choose an Extension

Extension Country Price Per Year*   Domain Pricing
.ca Canada £36.99/yr*
.cc Cocos £36.99/yr*
.co Colombia £40.00/yr
.me Montenegro £14.07/yr United Kingdom £0.00/yr**
.us United States £36.99/yr*
Extension Country Price Per Year*   Domain Pricing
North America/Caribbean
.ca Canada £36.99/yr
.us United States £36.99/yr*
Central/South America
.co Colombia £40.00/yr
.me Montenegro £14.07/yr United Kingdom £0.00/yr**
.cc Cocos £36.99/yr*

Why Register a Country-Specific Domain Name?

A country-specific domain name extension is a great way to create a global Web presence with a local focus.

  • Speak to a new market. Create a website with content relevant to the country's language and culture.
  • Protect your brand. Register country domain names to prevent unauthorized use of your trademarks, brands, and licensed names.

Country-Specific Domain Features

When you register a country-specific domain you'll get useful features like:

  • Local Directory Listing
  • Online Account Management
  • And More


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