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domain expiration protection

Keep your domain name safe!

When a domain unexpectedly expires, this can cause business owners a lot of hassle. Domain Expiration Protection will keep your domain safe for up to one year if we cannot charge your credit card or you are unable to renew on time. This protects your domain from expiring and ensures someone else doesn’t take it.

Benefits of Domain Expiration Protection

  • Security

    Feel more secure knowing your domain name is safe for 1 year if you are unable to renew.

  • Protection

    Protects you from losing your domains due to incorrect credit card, failed billing or outdated account contacts.

  • Save

    Protecting your domain shields you from any fees associated with reinstating or redeeming your domain.

† Price per current registered term of the domain. Domain Renewals require renewal of Domain Expiration Protection in order to continue expiration protection.

Due to existing registry renewal requirements, the following extensions are not available for Domain Expiration Protection Service:
ac, .am, .be, .de, .fm, .io, .nl, .sh,,,, .at, .ch, .cz, .es,,,, .jp, .li, .mx,, .nu,,,, .pl, .ru, .sg.

‡ Prices exclude Value Added Tax.