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How Private Registration Works


Without Private Registration
Steve Walker

[email protected]
124 Crosswood Avenue,
Marton, Cleveland, TS6 0NL
Phone: 01642 506448
Your information is exposed
With Private Registration
[email protected] .com
19 Falcon Court,
Stockton-on-Tees,TS18 3TU
Phone: 0800 170 1788
Your information is protected

Your identity is priceless.
Make a small investment to protect it.

You add Private Registration to your registered domains

We mask your personal information on the public WHOIS database

You enjoy the privacy and peace of mind you deserve

All for only £9.99/year per domain.

Discover how Private Registration protects your identity

  • Control
    Here at we own the patent for Private Registration. We have a competitive advantage over other proxy services as we can give you complete control of your private domain name as its registrant of record.
  • Control
    When you register a domain, your information gets listed in the public WHOIS database, making your information visible. We give you the privacy you need and replace your information with an alternate.
  • Control
    By removing your name, address, email, and phone number from public listings, we prevent spammers and telemarketers from contacting you and your customers for good.