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Custom Email Address
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Simplify your communication by interconnecting your Web-based email.
Reliable Service
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Remember: To activate and personalize your email address(es), you will need a domain name. Choose an nsWebAddress™ from UK® or use a domain name you already have. All nsWebAddress(es) are sold separately.

Professional Email Addresses for Individuals and Small Business

With a Professional Email account, you get the email functionality you want at a price you'll love. It's a custom email address that reinforces your brand, enhances your professional image and makes it easy for clients and prospects to remember and pass along.

This instant online credibility creates a positive first impression, which is critical online. With Professional Email, you can make sure every email sends a professional message - something free email providers like Yahoo!®, Gmail™ and Hotmail® aren't likely to convey.

Plus, you get all the great features you need to manage your day-to-day communication and schedule. Folders allow you to quickly organize your email by simply dragging and dropping your messages into the folders you create. Calendar, task lists and address book are conveniently integrated right into your Professional Email webmail interface. These tools help you manage your time to ensure that you never miss an important appointment, manage your "To Do" list electronically, and always keep important contact information up-to-date.

But Professional Email doesn't stop there. It's packed with even more features to help you keep the lines of communication open.

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nsMail™ Volume Discounts

1-4 Emailboxes Monthly price per emailbox Annual price per emailbox
Monthly /month $0.00/year
1 Year /month* /year*
2 Years /month* /year*
3 Years /month* /year*
5 Years /month* /year*
10 Years /month* /year*
5+ Emailboxes Monthly price per emailbox Annual price per emailbox
Monthly /month $0.00/year
1 Year /month* /year*
2 Years /month* /year*
3 Years /month* /year*
5 Years /month* /year*
10 Years /month* /year*

* With annual agreement