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GALLERY DETAIL | Crypto Resource Management
Crypto Resource Management

Management and trading services to the burgeoning crypto currency market.

CRM was a new subsidiary setup under Curzon Resource Management, a company specialising in the trading and management of mined materials such as iron ore and uranium. The new venture was to provide similar management and trading services to the burgeoning crypto currency market.

This project was interesting in many ways but mainly because the focus of the business was on bleeding edge; we had little previous knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry and so this was a journey of discovery for us as much as CRM! We presented several logo options to the key stakeholder Bram and although we got several things right we went through a round of iterations until the perfect solution was agreed upon. This visual identity was integrated in to the final website design.

We also provided CRM with a fully customised PowerPoint template and letterhead that they could use for customer communication purposes.

Brand - CRM@2x

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