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Ibiza Chic

Ibiza Chic clothing brand was born when a search for light and stylish clothing in the UK led to the beautiful island of Bali.

Made on the beautiful island of Bali, this light and stylish clothing couldn’t be found in the UK. Ibiza Chic realised a gap in the market and brought the high-quality clothing brand, Hot Lava to the UK market. Ibiza Chic has an aim to empower women and provide stylish, comfortable clothing for all body shapes and sizes.

Ibiza Chic came to to create a website which gave them the ability to raise awareness and sell their products to the UK market. We spoke with the client to gain a complete understanding of the brand and the style of the website. The designers then started creating an eCommerce website with the aim of showcasing the brand, look and feel of the products. A key focus was placed on how customers interact with the site, ensuring products were easy to find and purchase. Integrating product pages that the customer can edit, shopping basket features and a great user experience, ensures it is easy for Ibiza Chic to manage the website. We ensured proper categories were implemented, allowing for customers to find the products they are looking for easily and improve conversion rates. Access to analytics and call reports allow the client to monitor visitors and understand how the website is performing.

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