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How to improve your customers’ online shopping experience
  • By scottcarney

Your eCommerce site needs to be user friendly to ensure the best customer experience for your visitors. We can go into depth about customer journey mapping and advanced approaches of CX (Customer Experience) like establishing Customer Rooms, but I think sometimes, even the simple things can improve customer experience and make the biggest impact to your online store .

Improving your grammar

Good grammar shows that you are professional, legitimate company. As well as with well proofread copy, it shows that you’re paying attention to the details. Use a service to improve your grammar skills, like Paper Fellows, so you can write the best copy.

Make your website mobile friendly

Nowadays, most people aren’t viewing your website on a computer or laptop. They’re much more likely to be perusing your goods or services on a phone or tablet. That’s why it’s crucial to have a mobile friendly version of your site. This make it much easier to browse, and shows customers that you care about their experience with you.

Provide customer reviews

Customers find it easier to trust an online product if they know someone else has bought it first. That’s why so many of the bigger store online include customer reviews. It helps them make an informed choice about whether they want to buy from you, or not.

Give a live chat option

Every now and then a customer will have more questions about a product you’re offering. The easiest way of getting that question answered is to offer a live chat option. That way, they can contact someone right away, getting the answers they need.

Proofread your content

Proofreading is much more crucial than you’d think to the customer experience. It all comes down to trust. If they come a site that is full of misspellings and errors, they aren’t going to trust the site with their financial information. Why would they? They’ll go elsewhere. To show that you’re legit, try using a proofreading service.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping is magic to many customer’s ears. Think about it. How many times have you filled up a virtual cart, only to rethink it at the last second because you need to pay a shipping fee? Exactly. Offering free shipping shows that you are about the customers’ experience, even as there are paying for their good. They’ll remember that, and they’ll be back. Look at your returns also, this is always a nice touch for you customers when they can send unwanted items back for free.

Make your site easy to navigate

Nothing is worse than a site where the customer can’t see where to go. Map your site out so they can see exactly what you sell, and where they should go to get it. it saves them time and hassle when they come to buy.

Use good photos

Show your customer what the product looks like from every angle. It helps them make the most informed choice before they hit “add to cart”. Also, make sure the photos are of high quality as possible. They need to be able to see everything there is to see. Allowing customers to add photos to reviews is another way to help them get a good look, too.

Don’t forget site search

Many customers, when they first come to your site, are going to be looking for the “search” bar. They know that it’ll be the fastest way to find what they’re looking for. Make sure yours is nice and prominent on the landing page, so they’re not wasting time searching for it. As well as this, make sure you invest in good search technology. You don’t want the customer walking away thinking you don’t have a product, when in fact you do.

These nine tips will help you give your customers the best experience possible on your online store. It’s all about making the buying process as easy as possible for them. If you do that, they’ll think highly of you are most certainly come back for

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