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We understand that having a great looking site is not enough to get visitors through your virtual door. With SEO (search engine optimisation) you can tailor your visitor's experiences to achieve increased organic traffic, improved onsite interaction, and increased volume of sales and leads.

SEO in a nutshell - polishing what already exits; creating what doesn't

Our Approach

At web our approach is customer and content-driven. There are no gimmicks, no false promises; SEO is a long term strategy and there is no golden bullet. We will cut through the jargon and help you understand the purpose of SEO and the role it can play in your overall strategy. 

Building on strong foundations

By putting the customer experience at the forefront of your SEO strategy with quality content, value and experience you will drive better interaction with your customers, but that success will be built on a foundation of fundamental SEO practices. We will implement, guide, and show you the best practices to ensure your success is built on the strongest foundations now and for the future.

SEO as part of a wider approach

Not only will SEO improve website visibility and traffic, but it will also assist and improve the performance of every digital channel you use to generate business. If you use PPC or Social Media to generate revenue, introducing SEO is a necessity. Why? Not only will PPC inform and help shape a successful SEO strategy and vice versa, but having a multi-faceted approach is essential in reducing the chance of missing an opportunity.

We are jargon-free and dependable

Title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, citations, backlinks: it's easy to fall into the trap of complicating SEO tasks. What really matters is achieving the desired outcome with minimum confusion, and maximum benefit to your customers, and your business. You can rely on us to communicate in plain English, with you in full control while our specialists provide the clarity, guidance, and expertise your business needs to win in today's digital market.

We are dependable

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We are here for you. Want best-in-class customer service, technical support, and advice on design modifications? You got it.

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With over 20 years' experience in building websites, we breathe digital. On your side, and by your side at every stage of your businesses digital journey.

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We are the web agencies and blue-chips preferred digital partner of choice. We are SEO: let's chat!

"We've had to recruit new sales staff to cope with the leads our website now generates. We have Web.com to thank for that."

D R Jones, Director: Sonihull Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling