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Small Biz Tip: Why an online video with animals is more likely to go viral
  • By scottcarney

Do you sometimes feel like the Internet is 90 percent cat videos? There’s a reason for that—people love animals, so much so that if you want your business’s online video to go viral on social media, you should consider using cats (or dogs or other animals) in it.

With 78 percent of adult Internet users regularly watching or downloading online videos, you want to make sure yours is getting the traction you desire.

According to Pew Research, funny and educational videos get watched and shared the most.

But why do consumers like animals so much in online videos? Experts offer several reasons:

  • People share content that has a strong emotional impact (especially the feel-good kind).
  • Animals live in the moment, so watching them takes some of our daily stresses away.
  • Pets trigger feelings of warmth.

The next time you’re creating a business video, a little catvertising might be purrfect.

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