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The Importance of Video Marketing
  • By scottcarney

It has come as no surprise that video is now the most popular medium amongst marketers, a short visual showcasing your products and services will say more than words ever could. You should be considering video as an essential part of all your market strategies going forward, here is our guide to why video marketing is key to the success of your business.

  • 1

    Easy to Consume

    In our modern mobile society, focus is hard to come by and long-winded articles don’t impact audiences as much as they should.

    Videos are easily digested and don’t require the full attention of the viewer to absorb the key messages in the content.

    Making your content mobile-friendly is also essential with over 75% of worldwide video viewing on mobile, with additional subtle features such as subtitles increasing your chances of being seen.

  • 2

    Increased Engagement

    Audiences like to be engaged and feel a personal connection with a business, creating quality but also authentic content will increase engagement.

    Whether it’s views, comments, or shares, positive engagement will help increase your businesses notoriety, authenticity, and your chances of creating conversions.

  • 3

    Increased Conversions

    Creating an engaging video for your audience is important, but it’s as important to make sure that the views are then turned into conversions.

    These videos need to be presenting your product as the solution to your audience’s problem in the early stages, as your leads are nurtured and become more interested, these videos will compel your customers to take action.

  • 4

    Better Rankings

    It’s every businesses ambition to appear high in search engine rankings, consistently creating videos will certainly help towards you climbing the search results.

    There are many factors that can be followed to help your video rank, the strategies we suggest are optimising your titles, description, keywords, and adding tags to help your performance.

  • 5

    Strengthened Trust

    Building trust with your customers is a crucial part of any business, providing a visual representation of how your product works or humanising your company is an effective way of creating connections. 

    Interviews, product reviews, testimonials, and case studies give customers a glimpse into your operation and will help towards building a positive connection going forward.

  • 6

    Improved Return of Investment

    Creating videos are considered to be time-consuming and expensive when taking shooting, editing, and producing into account, but videos have never been more accessible or easier to produce.

    Specific systems and equipment are a lot easier to come by in terms of price, as are individuals who are comfortable both on and behind the camera. All these factors mean an increased chance of ROI on your content, which in turn can be invested back into making more quality video content.

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