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Website & domain security is more than responsible, it’s beneficial
  • By scottcarney

Website and domain security is a really big deal now. What was once an issue for big business, governments and technology leaders is now on the minds of everyone with a website and anyone using the Internet. Why now? Well, there are a host of reasons website security has become a hot topic, but one of the biggest is because Google is making it a priority. And when Google speaks, everyone listens.

The Push for Website Security Across the Internet

Recently, Google announced a commitment to make the Internet safer, rolling out what they call “HTTPs everywhere.”1 Their efforts are now a reality and affecting websites in a really big way.

Google has adjusted its search algorithm and now favours websites secured through an SSL certificate with HTTPs. Have an SSL – get a better search rank position. Anyone on the web knows that being in Google’s favour is a good thing. And others are following Google’s lead.

Google Chrome is taking measures and pressing ahead with features to help them mark non-secured sites and web pages, while Mozilla’s browser Firefox is making changes to help increase web security, as well as raise awareness. Again, this isn’t simply for online retailers or business websites – it’s now for everyone.

Having An SSL Ensures

  • You’re in Google’s favour and therefore rank higher
  • Your visitor’s information and browsing history remain private
  • You remain competitive – your competitor’s sites likely have SSL
  • Your website is trusted – by visitors and search engines
  • Your Customer’s information and transactions are safe

Website Security Is Also About Privacy

Attached to security is privacy, which is just as important. The majority of website and Internet activity doesn’t involve purchasing or transferring personal data.

Chats, email, research, browsing – these interactions make up the bulk of activity on the web. All of these actions can be intercepted. An SSL ensures those transactions remain private – between your visitors and your website.

Getting the Benefits

If you want to ensure your site’s security, provide privacy to your visitors and enjoy higher search ranking in Google, an SSL is a smart investment. You’ll also help make the Internet a safer place for everyone, and that’s a smart thing, too.

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