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When less is more; how to construct the perfect post (and save yourself some time)
  • By scottcarney

It can be frustrating trying to work out how to construct the perfect post. Finding the balance between what you want to tell people and telling them what they need to know can lead to overloading on text.

Ideally, all you need to have for the copy is a summary of the product you’re pushing and a short, punchy call to action. If it takes you longer than 5-10 seconds to skim over, then you’re probably going to lose the attention of your audience.

It’s important to remember that all you need to do is offer a snippet of the information on the landing page. If you can read everything on the post, you will be less-likely to click through to a site.

The same applies for images.

Facebook prefers images with little-to-no text on the top. A text overlay is helpful to offer a brief, eye-catching offer to catch the reader’s attention, but if you use too much text your post or advert will not perform as well. Not sure when enough is enough? Use this helpful tool!

‘50% Off Luxury Bridalwear! Shop Now ’

Compared to a less-desirable:

‘We are having a huge autumn sale! All summer stock must go. You could save up to 50% off your wedding dress in October. Our dresses start from size 6 and go up to sizes 32. We have a range of white, cream, ivory and various other shades to choose from. Matching accessories available in store (not in the sale). Call us on 01666 452 046, email sales@exampleweddingstore, visit us at or visit us in store at 111 high street, London. No refunds will be issued on dresses. Dresses starting from £2,500 are now available for as little as £1,250. Shop today to find out more!'


Too much information and too many call to actions can leave potential customers feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

One clear action with one clear message will get the best results and offer the best return if you choose to apply budget to your posts. It’s key to remember that all the information someone needs is available on the landing page you are directing them to. Keep your post short and sweet, and let your professional website do the work for you.

We love the minimalist approach to posts, and we think you will too.

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